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“Mr. Radoff is a knowledgeable and seasoned attorney who really cares about his clients. He will help them look at their options and develop a course of action that fits their needs...and pocketbook.”  Linda H.,  Los Angeles, CA

Full Representation

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Do It Yourself Divorce - Click here for more details
Paralegal Services - Click here for more details

For those who cannot afford an attorney, we offer paralegal services for low-cost attorney assisted document preparation with free legal advice. 

Property Division

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Stepparent Adoption

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Divorce/Family Law Mediation

Fees starting at just $500 (min. 2 hours). Our success record is excellent. Mr. Radoff offers a phone consultation related to his mediation services. Just call and speak to directly to him.

Mediations generally take 2 to 4 hours depending on the parties preparation and may not be completed in a single meeting. Sometimes mediations take several meetings in order to resolve all of the marital issues between the parties. Mediation can be at his office in Woodland Hills, CA or he will travel to a location that the parties select anywhere California statewide. If the mediation is not at Mr. Radoff's office his fee shall include travel time and expenses. For more details just call the office. (800) 595-2948

District Attorney - Department of Child Support Service Issues

Has the Department of Child Support Services denied you a driver license or a passport due to unpaid child support?

Some of the problems we help solve.

  • Lower or Raise Your Child Support (Modification)
  • Reverse Suspension of Driver's License (or Business License)
  • Back Child Support Problems (also known as "Arrears")
  • Compromise of Arrears Program
  • Paternity Matters
  • Set-Aside of Invalid Court Judgments

We can help! Just call and speak directly to Mr. Radoff at: (800) 595-2948. He files all the appropriate motions for you or will represent you in court. Mr. Radoff's Paralegal Services starts just at $450.

Is the District Attorney's Office garnishing your wages or taking tax refunds and you need assistance?

 Mr. Radoff will assist you in contacting CA or the office in your area so that you can resolve any problems you may have with the District Attorney Child Support Collection Division.

 Mr. Radoff charges $150 for his Lawyer's Letters in combination with some phone calls so that your matter can be resolved. This service is especially helpful if you are out of state from the District Attorney's Office who is threatening or garnishing your wages, IRS or State Tax Refunds. If you just need a Lawyer Letter ($49.95) without follow up from Mr. Radoff, click here

 Just call and speak directly to Mr. Radoff at: (800) 595-2948. Mr. Radoff accepts credit cards, bankcards, money order or checks.


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Child Support / Spousal Support

Find out exactly what your child support payment will be by using Dissomaster® child support payment calculator for the state of California. A Dissomaster ® or Support Tax computerized program computation of the amount of child support the court will usually require you to pay, at least temporarily at your first hearing, is now available. Although the Dissomaster® or Support Tax computerized program's computations are not binding on the court at the time of trial you can count on their computations as being in the neighborhood of what the non-custodial parent will have to pay.

Only $99 with legal advice, $75 without legal advice.

Call (800) 595-2948 to obtain your Dissomaster report.

Child Custody and Visitation

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Support Judgment Collection

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Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) - Pension & Benefits

A QDRO is a court order, which is used to divide pension rights between divorcing spouses, or to collect alimony or child support from an employee benefit plan. 

What types of pension plans are subject to QDROs?

Private pension and benefit plans such as 401(k), 403(b), 457, defined benefit monthly payment, TIAA/CREF, etc., may be divided by a QDRO under a Federal law called "ERISA." Military retired pay, Federal and State government civil service plans, and IRAs may be divided by similar orders known as Qualifying Court Orders (for military retired pay under the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act, or USFSPA), Court Orders Acceptable for Processing (for Federal civil service plans), and Transfers Incident to a Divorce (for IRAs). Our firm prepares all types of these orders: QDROs for corporate (ERISA) plans, QCOs for military retired pay, COAPs and RBCOs for Federal and State civil service plans, and TIDs for IRAs. 

How do QDROs work?

The State divorce court first enters an order dividing a pension. This court order may be entered after a contested hearing, or by mutual agreement of the parties. The order may be approved by the pension plan as a draft to save you court costs and attorneys' fees, but your rights are not protected and you will not receive anything under the State court order until and unless the final order has been signed by a judge and accepted by the plan.

Why should I get a QDRO now?

If you delay in obtaining a QDRO, you may lose valuable rights and run the risk of forfeiting all of the benefits. Your rights may be lost if your former spouse does any of the following before your QDRO is submitted to the pension plan:

  • retires
  • becomes disabled
  • remarries
  • dies
  • quits or is fired
  • withdraws funds from the plan before retirement
  • takes our a loan from the plan

Summary Dissolution Information & Instructions

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Prenuptial and Post-Marital Agreements

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Obtain a Second Opinion

If you have an existing lawyer and would just like the comfort of a second opinion or advice from an experienced attorney, Mr. Radoff would be glad to confer with you privately regarding your concerns.  For immediate answers to your legal problems just pick up the phone and call to speak directly with Mr. Radoff at: (800) 595-2948. Mr. Radoff accepts credit cards, bankcards, money order or checks.

Stopping Domestic Violence

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Domestic Partnerships

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Post Judgment Matters

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Modification & Enforcement of Court Orders

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Name Change

There are many legitimate reasons why people seek a name and/or gender change. Some people were born with an odd surname, some are adopted children who now want to take on the name of their adoptive parents, and many other reasons. Click here for more details.