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To relieve stress, save money on attorney fees and come to a satisfactory agreement between the parties without going to court. This is especially true if your divorce does not have complicated issues and the parties are not hostile toward each other.

Mediation Requirements:

In order to have a successful mediation both parties must bring to the mediator all necessary documentation and records in order for the mediator to have all of the information in front of him. Mr. Radoff has over 35 years of experience he brings to the table to help you decide attempt to settle matter. In mediation the parties make the decisions. The mediator recommends decisions as oppose to arbitration where the arbitrator makes final decisions. Thus, you are in control of your divorce.


Most cases settle in the mediation process rather than the parties having to fight it out in the courtroom. Also, when the parties mediate they are more likely to perform under the terms of the settlement without further court action. Please email Mr. Radoff (fr(at) so that Mr. Radoff can contact you to set up an appointment. Initial conference with Mr. Radoff is $350 (payable in cash) with no time limit so we can meet and greet and discuss some of the major issues of your matter. Call Franklin Radoff at: 805-522-1160 for an appointment, to discuss your needs and answer your questions.